Greetings, cherished reader! Thank you for wading through the annals of internet food content to find this humble page. Has it been a long journey? Would you like a nice herbal tea, and a stool for your feet?

The journey with food first began for me in watching my mother cook dinner, but began in earnest the first time someone told me to stir the vegetable chunks I was planning on roasting with my hands, rather than with a wooden spoon.

“This is allowed?” I remember thinking. “The hygiene police won’t shoot me down for this?”

But as I stuck my hand into the herbs, oil, and root vegetables to mix them about, I fell in love with the sensory experience of cooking in a way I hadn’t previously before. Since then, I’ve spent most of my time thinking not only about what I eat, but how it’s made–from the saving of heirloom seeds to preparing the food to compost. I am always thinking of my next meal. Learning how it found its way to me is an added bonus.

This is a continuing adventure of reimagining food, and falling in love with what’s local, seasonal, and (at least somewhat) nutritious. If I want to make vegan brownies one night and chicken in boozy cream sauce the next, what’s to stop me? Ingredients, and the magic through which they come together, are a continuous source of wonder for me. I hope they are for you too.

Can I get you anything? A piece of toast? Are you ok? There’s room here for you to stay, if you are so inclined. I’ll just go put the kettle on.

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