Baker by day, dog and cat mom by night. PNW-raised, South Carolina-transplant foodie dancing on the tightrope between healthy and indulgent. Local, seasonal, on-a-budget-but-will-splurge-for-expensive-cheese-and-meat eater.

I like figs, brie, figs and brie, homemade jam made with hand-picked fruit, pickled carrots, cream cheese frosting with a little salt, fresh basil, chickpeas, perfectly cooked beets, seafood, coconut cream, ginger, tater tots, and bacon. Never met a vegetable I don’t like…except turnips. I’m wary of health food trends though I like to eat healthy; I’ll try anything, once. I firmly believe you can sense the integrity of a Thai restaurant by ordering the tom kha soup…not that I’m an expert on Thai food–just expert at having opinions. I never order brisket at a BBQ joint until I know their pulled pork is done right; and if a bakery makes a good rustic loaf, you can bet I’ll be a regular.

I’ve been gluten-free, dairy free, full-on vegan, paleo, and combinations of those for years before settling back into “intuitive eating.” Isn’t food just the best?