Pasta Carbonara

Advertisements If you, like me, have been hoarding boxes of pasta over the course of the pandemic, you may be getting tired of your same old noodle routines. We all have the recipe rotations we keep in our back pocket for those nights following long days during which we haven’t had much bandwidth to thinkContinue reading “Pasta Carbonara”

Salt-Cured Egg Yolks

Advertisements Have you ever bit into something so delicious it was nearly impossible not to crave another bite? Snapped into the perfectly-seasoned chip, slurped some savory ramen, chewed through mouthfuls of crusty, tomato-y pizza? Have you ever wondered just what it is about these dishes that makes them so hard to pass up? The answerContinue reading “Salt-Cured Egg Yolks”

Red Lentil and Yam Dal

Advertisements If you love Indian food but often feel daunted by the idea of making it yourself, dal (sometimes spelled “daal” or “dahl”) is a great entry point. With simple ingredients and minimal effort, dal requires basic knife skills and a little patience. To boot, this recipe also happens to be vegan; but while it