Intuitive Eating and Celebrating Food

Food can nourish us in so many ways–from nutrient-packed local veggies fending off sickness and ushering in health to deep-fried cheese curds or mac and cheese providing soul-warming comfort. Oftentimes, our relationship with food can be emotional and complex; but if we take care of ourselves from a holistic standpoint through what we choose to put into our bodies, we can achieve higher levels of health and satisfaction. That’s where intuitive eating comes in. 

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What kind of food do you like?

Are you a once-a-week meat eater? Vegan? Gluten intolerant but have cheat days? Have a sweet tooth, but want your dessert to be “worth the calories” as Prue says? Do you like “guilty pleasure” meals, like cheese sauce made with beer poured over fries and beef bits?

If you are interested in intuitive eating like I am, pull up a chair and dream of food with me!


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